I have bought 10 Dash Button  for 15 euro!
Here how you can hack theDash Button.
1) use the mobile app in order to discover the dash button
Click MyAccount

In the section Dash Button  -> Add new Dash Button .

Click the Dash Button  for 6 second (Blue light is on)

Then the magic happens.I saw many ways to configure a device, but this one is amazing! It will use sound from iphone speakers.

Then it creates a wireless AP “AmazonConfigureMe” which you have to choose and connect to.

I repeated this process 3 times until I have succeeded. Probably i was waiting too much time between actions required.

At the end, do not choose any action for the newly configured Dash Button 

git clone https://github.com/maddox/dasher


npm install

configure in config/config.json

“address”: “YOUR MAC ADDRESS”,

sudo npm run start

click the button and see the logging

[2018-07-16T21:26:58.644Z] Gilette-test added.
[2018-07-16T21:27:02.816Z] Gilette-test pressed. Count: 1
[2018-07-16T21:27:02.817Z] Debug mode, skipping request.
{ name: ‘Gilette-test’,
address: ‘YOUR MAC ADDRESS’,
debug: true }